Monday, March 9, 2009

Tennis in the Rain?

Well obviously the PS3 didn't drop in price over break, but I still didn't get to watch much anime, my stupid computers speakers died on me, and I probably wouldn't have new ones till this week sometime. Enough about the past, back to the present. Today tennis starts for me... I like tennis, but I don't know if I'll like it as a class, guess we'll see. Other then that same old stuff different day, oh, and I got Empire: Total War...awesome game, I highly recommend it, it's an RTS, but is slower paced then most, and also has civilization type elements in it too. Tonight I should finally, I hope, finish taking out the French and move onto episode 3 in the Road to Independence campaign, but that also depends on how hooked on Xam'd I get, so far quite hooked, 12 eps in basically 1 day. Yea I know I need a life, well that's enough about that, I need to go get food now and go to tennis.

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