Sunday, March 29, 2009

No I'm Not Dead.....Yet!

Haha, I'm back, why the lack of posts, well no reason really, just nothing to speak about I guess. Anyway, the New Prototype and Infamous videos/trailers are pure awesomeness, if you haven't looked at either you should, they both look completely awesome. Prototype is for both Xbox360 and PS3 while infamous is only PS3, if you has a PS3 you should definitely check both out, if not your out of luck on infamous, which sucks for you. There both have a similar concept, but one you have electrical powers and one you are a shape shifter, personally I like the shape shifter idea better, but both sound fun so whatever. Ok, before I spoil too much I'll shut up, but go check it out if you want you probably wouldn't regret it.
Onto more fun well I guess that's all I got right now lol so cya.


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