Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Break of Spring is but a day Away!

Yes, today is the day before spring break, meaning spring break it tomorrow!! I so cannot wait and now there's rumors of a PS3 price drop, down to $300, in the next few days, if that's the case I will be ecstatic, but also unhappy since all my plans for spring break, which mainly was watching anime and reading manga :p But heck then I finally have a PS3 so I guess I shouldn't be too unhappy. Then its Fallout 3 and Ratchet and Clank: Future Tools of Destruction all spring break...though I so will not be bringing my PS3 to college so it would be a week of joy then probably 2 weeks of sorrow, then joy again for 2 days, then sorrow for 2 weeks, hm that might destroy me in the end :p But we'll see if the PS3 actually drops or not, who knows :( Well, other then that not much else is new, same old stuff different day.

On a final note fun article for you all to read The 11 Most Unnecessary How to Guides on the Internet, now tell me that doesn't sound amusing lol.

~enjoy: dinoman411

Why would you name a person Bayonetta?

Here's the trailer of the game I found that looks fun, basically you're a powerful witch fighting angelic beings, other then that I don't know anything else, o wait yes I do, her hair also transforms into things such as giant fists that damage your enemies a lot, now that is all I know about it.

"And so, the moral of the story is: witches with guns, hair magic and cute glasses are the coolest." (Quote from IGN)

Oh, and yes those are guns on her shoes.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I really need to work on comming up with better titles....

Today was a day a very boarding day to be exact, which explains why I'm posting here again. Not much going on today same old stuff. I've just been testing the NPC driving system for my game, and the A.I. behind it, which is semi working, but still needs alot of work done to it. Voyage Century had it's update and all I can say about it is awesome, it's a nice addition though some of it I'm not high enough level to do/get involved with yet. Other then that not much else still hopping for a new zero chapter to come out, but I did get 2 new regis chapters so I'm semi-content, but a zero chapter would still make me happy. Other then that not much else today found a new PS3 game I want to get called Bayonetta, if you want to see a trailer there is a nice one over at IGN and check it out, seems like a Devil May Cry, but with a powerful Witch, who's rather good looking too boot. Thats about all I have to say, maybe tommarow I'll post maybe not.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Post, Another Day...Or Not

Posting about stuff, what stuff I don't know just stuff. Not much happened today, but I have a headache and just don't feel like doing anything, which explains why I'm posting again. I should start posting something fun. Hm what.... I could go for a cookie. Ok, I'm out of stuff to post, so I guess that's all for today, just been playing Voyage Century and chillin all day so nothing to really talk about, but did get my level 2 raiding ship finally. Ok now that's it.



Today I was board, so I figured why not try starting a blog. Good idea, bad idea, who knows, only time will tell, but either way figured maybe I'll work on getting into web 2.0 concepts. Yep, that's right blogs are a web 2.0 concept, in case you didnt know that. Well I do have a website ( visit sometime if you want it's nifty, contains a flash game I'm working on along with a few quizzes. Hm... what else, Oh I know who am I you might ask, my names Zach, I live in the U.S.A. I'm currently 22 and am in college for Biotechnology, in my Jr. year because I did a year in computer programing and web design to try it out. My hobbies include Watching Anime, Reading Manga, and collecting both, programming, web design, playing MMORPGs, and that's about it. I'm currently playing Voyage Century Online, it's a fun MMORPG with alot to do, so if you want to try it go for it, my in game name is Nishino. Who knows how often I'll update this blog depends on my boardom level, and what not.