Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Late Christmas, and Happy Early New Year!

First off last title I made while thinking of Faster than a Kiss and Please Teacher! Both of which I absolutely love. If you never heard of either check them out there decent/good, if you want to know more check out the previous post.
Anyway, as I figured I didn't update forever again, always forget/don't feel like updating this when I'm home. Anyway I know it is late, but Merry Christmas, hope you got what you wanted, I know I mostly did. Also since who knows when I'll update again Happy New Years.
So anyway my game (Anime Affection) has been progressing slowly, I've been working 40ish hour weeks, so I haven't gotten tons done. Though the hospital inside is done graphically, though I'm still working on coding it. Also probably will fix a few bugs hopefully before the January update (15th-ish). Who knows what I will have done by then PS3 is keeping me busy along with work and anime/manga (have way too many started right now lol). I think that is about it for this update, cya some time.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I think I have a thing for Student x Teacher Romance Mangas

Hey! Board, and don't want to study so I'm updating this! Anyway last posts title was from Nyan Koi! Read more about it in the last post.
Anyway so I have my first final in another 4 hours or so :(, don't know if I'm ready for it or not actually. Ok away from the depressing stuff, onto the semi happy stuff. First of I ordered a bunch of anime dvds/box sets for Christmas :D now I just have to hope they arrive before Christmas, not that it actually matters, but oh well. I finished up Borderlands yesterday, well technically I have about 3 missions left, but the main story is done, I will be doing a second play through eventually, but probably not yet, though who knows depends how I feel this weekend. Once Christmas comes I should have Ratchet and Clank which will then take over my life for awhile, along with Uncharted 1. Only other good thing that has happened since I last updated is finally found a anime wallpaper site that has a good amount of higher res. papers I can actually use on my laptop (1920x1080) :D . I've been looking for ages, but to no luck until yesterday when I just happened to stumble upon it. They also have a lot of Clannad Walls, so my wallpapers for my computer is so going to sky rocket now. If you want to check out the site it is Kona-chan Anime Wallpapers, it seems to have a good selection, and also has quite a few holiday papers, if you change your background for the holidays, like I do. Ok that is it for this post I need to get back to studying at some point...

~ Any idea what anime/manga the title is from? Post in comments, I'll update next update to let you know the answer. Yea I know the title today isn't the best, but what manga or anime do you know that has a Student x Teacher Romance Mangas?


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Becomming a Cat with a Cat Allergy

Ok back again! Last post was from the manga AIKI, if you want to know more check out the previous post.
Ok well it is finals week this week, only 3 finals though, so it's not too bad, but still don't want to take them :p But on the + side 1 month of freedom...from school...still have to work :( need money like everyone else in this world. So yea, not much else to really say most of this weekend went into playing borderlands, which I finally beat, though I still have some quests to do, and I want to start a New Game + and try to get to max out my level, but we'll see how long that lasts.
This week I mainly did graphical changes in my game, including altering the stair graphics, so that I can mod them easier in the future, and in theory will help keep file size down. Other then that I re-walled all the walls in the house and store, so they a. look right, and b. are the same as the school and hospital. This of course caused other issues, such as needing to fix the chairs now. However I think this was for the best both the buildings and the chairs look more normal now, and look like they are standing up straight, so in the end probably was a good decision.
Only other thing to mention is I found teh next anime figure I'm saving up for, it's a 17" Mizuho figure from please teacher, if you didn't know both Mizuho and Please Teacher are in my top 10 favorite characters and anime, so I have to get it simple as that lol. Anyway for a pick click here (Image is a bit ecchi, though no nudity, so viewer discretion is advised) always wanted to say that lol. Well that's it for this post I'll probably post again on Tuesday or Wednesday if I have time.

~ Any idea what anime/manga the title is from? Post in comments, I'll update next update to let you know the answer.


Ok this title was fairly easy from Nyan Koi! basically about a boy who gets cursed and if he doesn't help 100 cats (who he can now talk to) within a certain amount of time he will turn into a cat. The catch is he has a cat allergy thus if he turns into a cat he will die. It is a harem, and that's the main focus of it, but its still fun anyway, though the whole harem thing is starting to get a bit old at this point for me, but they're still fun.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fatherly Love is Dislocating and then Relocating your Sons Joints

First off last title was form Sundome volume 7, check out the previous post for more information.
Ok that aside, this week is almost over :D thank god, too much to do, and then next week is finals, but after that I get a month off, which is great! Anyway the first person view for the hospital room for my game I think is done, or almost done, then I just need to finish the rest of the hospital, and that can be added. Day/Night system still hasn't been integrated, but I will probably be doing that sometime soon, other then that not too much more to say.
I ordered half of my Christmas gifts to myself yesterday, it's an awesome Mio from K'On figure. (See it Here). Other half depends on what RightStuf has on sale for Christmas, probably will be ordering that stuff on Friday or Saturday, the plan is Clannad box sets and Kanon box set, though again depends whats on sale.
I've also noticed I've slowly been getting dragged into manga more then anime, but that could be due to just no anime currently exciting me that much. Though I am backed up on anime due to all this work, but I always seem to find time for manga :p
Well that's about all I can say, I'm going to get back to studying now...maybe.

~ Any idea what anime/manga the title is from? Post in comments, I'll update next update to let you know the answer.


The title of this post was from AIKI. If you have never heard of it it is basically about a guy who is a martial arts genius. When he was younger (teens?) his father poisoned him one night and then while he was sleeping he dislocated all of his joints and relocated them, but shifted them over a few mm so that his joints would dislocate if he put too much strain on them. Basically set a power limiter on him, so he could only use 50% of his power. The best part I think about this manga is the main character actually feels super powerful, especially if you remember he is limited to 50% (later 60-70%) of his original power. Most mangas the main character never truly feels all powerful, since there is always a more powerful enemy which we must overcome, but this one we start out insanely powerful, and most everyone who is "powerful" is weak when compared to him. Ok I so typed more then I wanted to there, if you want to know more read it, I will warn you however there is decent bits of nudity in it.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Who names there fish "Her Majesty" and "Scared Hideo"?

Last posts title technically came from the manga "Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge", but there is also Negative Happy Marriage, and possibly another one it could have came from. For more information on those check out the previous post.
Ok update time, I was planning to update Friday, but I forgot... Anyway it was a nice weekend, got Sundome volume 6 and read it, love that series so much! :D Other then that I bought High School Debut volume 1-2 today, which I have read some of online already, but I like to support the industry. Other then that not too much new, I got The Rosetta Stone Japanese I and II, didn't try it yet, but I really would like to learn Japanese, we'll see how that goes though.
That's about it for my excitement this week, I have 2 tests and a quiz and a presentation, and 2 lab reports due, then next week is finals, it so sucks!
Ok I better get back to finishing this lab report now.

~ Any idea what anime/manga the title is from? Post in comments, I'll update next update to let you know the answer.


This posts title was from Sundome Volume 6, where the two main characters get some fish at a festival, and they each give one a name. Her Majesty is a pretty slim gold fish that Hideo names, and Kurumi names the other ugly fish with bulging eyes scared Hideo. If you have an open mind and extreme ecchi doesn't bother you try Sundome it is a hilarious though very inappropriate manga.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What is Negative Happy? Would that be the same as Sad?

Ok Back from vacation! Anime titles are back in my post. This one can actually refer to a few different anime or mangas, in the end I guess that makes it easier to guess :p
Anyway break was awesome, so calm and relaxing, most of this week will be calm too, same with next week. Then it is onto finals, then it's over thank god!
Hm so I worked on flash some got most of the hospital room 1st person perspective done, though it still needs to be colored. That's about all I have done with that, this weekend was just relaxing, gaming, and a 42" 1080p Plasma tv :p. Oh I also got Fallout Trilogy (1,2, and tactics). Must say so far I do see why many say Fallout 3 is nothing compared to the originals. There is much more strategy and thinking involved in the originals, while the 3rd was mostly just guns blazing. That's not to say I don't like Fallout 3, I love it, but I also love the originals too so far.
Not much else to mention except I continued watching Tytania again today, and plan on finishing it up probably by Thursday!
Well that's about it for this update, I really should finish up this lab report now.

~ Any idea what anime/manga the title is from? Post in comments, I'll update next update to let you know the answer.


Ok this title technically came from the manga "Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge", but there is also Negative Happy Marriage, and possibly another one it could have came from. Both of them are fun, Chainsaw edge is more of an action romance story, while marriage I don't know what to make out of so far, only 3 chapters have been scanlated. So far though it seems like a a romance.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day! - No Anime Related Title Today :(

Happy Turkey Day Everyone!


Almost forgot last posts title was from Spice and Wolf II, if you never heard of it check it out.

---End Edit---

Not much new to say today, I get a new TV tomorrow :D (42" 1080p Plasma), finally HD PS3! From the programming aspect of things I finished the testing on the Day/Night system, and that is ready to be integrated into the main game (might do that today). Also I have done some graphical changes which I feel really improve some inside areas, also somehow shrunk the file size down by ~50kB somehow :O I am also finally making a new signature for my email address, and if all goes well also possibly a HD background for my laptop, maybe even I could use that for my title banner on my blog...probably not unless I change by blog theme... well whatever I'll see when I finish it. The base is a Spice and Wolf background, but I am incorporating other anime characters into it, trying to make it all fit together, so far it is going surprisingly well.
On a final note Sundome manga Volume 6 came out :D Sundome is an awesomely fun manga, although extremely ecchi and its for the 18+ audience, though so far very little nudity, but the themes are there constantly. If you want to know more check it out here: Manga-Updates.
That is it for this update, remember have a nice Thanksgiving and what not. Cya next Update.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

1000 Treeni Silver for the Love of Your Life

If you didn't look at the last post the previous title was from The Title is from Girls Saurus and the Sequel Girls Saurus DX. For more information read the previous post.
Ok well I'm stuck at school this weekend...god help me... My roommate is being annoying as heck, to make a long story short demos are the devil. For the long story basically I bought Sins of a Solar Empire on Monday (love it, though different from other rts's I've played), anyway my roomate saw it thought it looked like fun so he downloaded the demo (had a time limit for game-play). First the funny things, it seems that he thinks he's fighting real people, not the computer... Ok that's about the only funny thing the rest is annoying. he has played the demo at least 10 times, only winning a few times, but he thinks he is great at it. He also keeps freaking out yelling out load at the other "players", and he also has an urge to tell me almost every move he makes. He also believes that if him and I teamed up we would be invincible, he loses half the time within an hr, if he fought real players he would get totally destroyed (haven't played online yet, but from previous rts online experience that would be my guess). Ok that's basically my rant on my roommate annoying the heck out of me this weekend.
Other then that not much new, my website has been updated finally, also the day/night system for my game is working for the most part, still needs some work, but I'm planning to finish it this weekend. Anime wise I started Spice and Wolf 2 and all I have to say is Horo 4 Ever!!! lol Also been working on Tytania and all I can say there is Die Tytania >:O.
Well I think that is all I have to say for this update, a bit long, but o well not like anyone reads this as far as I am aware :(

~ Any idea what anime/manga the title is from? Post in comments, I'll update next update to let you know the answer.


Ok this title was easy, its from Spice and Wolf II. If you haven't watched either the original or the sequel you should, its very very good, although most of it is slow paced. The characters are awesome, and we'll Horo 4 ever!!! :p


Monday, November 16, 2009

Near Death by Overweight Girl After a Love Confession Goes Horribly Wrong

Well if you didn't look at the edit in the last post the answer was that the title of this post is referring to Sanae Nakajima powers in Sumomomo Momomo. In this show Sanae got stronger as her cloths fell off/taken off/destroyed.
Ok aside from that not much new to say, probably Wednesday I'll be updating my game, though possibly tomorrow depending how long my plan physiology lab takes. I got 2 tests back both I did well on :D. Um day/night system I have mostly planned out at this point, just need to program and test it now. Oh yea I also bought Sins of a Solar Empire too, love it, still getting used to it, but I'm enjoying myself I needed a good RTS to play. Not much else to report Thankgiving is next week, oh yea forgot I finally get a 42" 1080p Plasama TV on black friday :D (Fallout HD lol finally :p ), also shoudl finally have a relaxing break form school for that bit off, thank god. I think that's about all I have to say, I have a test to study for which I should start doing soon...

~ Any idea what anime/manga the title is from? Post in comments, I'll update next update to let you know the answer.


The Title is from Girls Saurus and the Sequel Girls Saurus DX, where just that happens, the main character is put into a hospital for 1 month due to a overweight girl confessing her love to him naked, and ends up trampling/beating him up. Due to this he becomes deathly afraid of girls. Decent manga, fun at a lot of parts, also ecchi at other parts, and it is a harem.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Clothing Amount is Indirectly Proportional to Power Level

Hey, Ok so if you want to know what the last title was from it was K'On. More details has been added to that post, but there's a quick mention of it if your too lazy to scroll down.
Ok anyway now that that is out of the way update time. Not much new except the week from hell is over finally. I think all my tests went well except today's Plant Physiology test I'm not too sure about... New week I should finally have some free time again, thank god, so I will finally get to finish watching K'On and also hopefully get further in making my game. Anyway next week sometime there will be an update to my flash game, so if you want to play it check out my site at: http://www.zaaf.tk/ This update fixes many bugs, and also changes a few minor things. Unfortunately I'm partially reworking the day/night system again, so that wouldn't be coming out this update, but should be out next update (December/January). The battle system although I finally fixed the major bug I've been stuck on I haven't worked on it much, partially due to the day/night system and mostly due to my 3 tests this week. Other then that I don't think anything new to say, I am finally graduating college in May :D so hopefully once I have a job I'll be able to finally be making money instead of losing money :p Ok that's it for this update.

~ Any idea what anime/manga the title is from? Post in comments, I'll update next week to let you know the answer.


The title of this post is referring to Sanae Nakajima powers in Sumomomo Momomo. In this show Sanae got stronger as her cloths fell off/taken off/destroyed.

~ dinoman411

Monday, November 9, 2009

My Love is a Stapler

Hey,I have had an idea that from now on my titles will be little things from 1 or more anime or manga I've recently watched/read, and in the comments you can guess what it's from. Then 1-2 days later I'll put the answer in the post. Why? Why not? Maybe I'll keep a score on who gets it right, why?, no reason probably just for fun. Well anyway today was fun, finished catching up on Addicted to Curry, and worked on Ippo some more. However didn't have time for much anime, but next week should be super easy I think. This week however is hell I have a test Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday :( . Next week I will also be updating the game on my site (http://www.zaaf.tk/), mostly a glitch fix update, but there are some programming and possibly graphical changes/additions depending on if I get anything more done this week, though I doubt I will get much more done. After that I should probably have a decent update in January or February, hopefully adding in some new/revised systems, and more fixes. I also am planning to get the tutorial and start of the story system too, but no guarantees on that. Other then that battle system is actually progressing again I finally got the major bug I was stuck on fixed :O :D , so we're one more step to getting that done!! Ok I think that's it for this update, cya next time.

So what anime and/or manga does the title relate too?
Guess in the comments, I'll give the right answer out next update.

---- Edit

If you guessed K'On your right. "My Love is a Stapler" is the title of one of the songs they performed to welcome the new freshman.

~ dinoman411

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Unknown Bugs, and Null Wind

All the weekly shonen mangas I read (Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Hitman, etc...) came out today so it's been a great day in that regard. Also started watching Tytania yesterday, so far I like it quite a bit, though not sure where its planning to go, but that's half the fun of it. Also as usual One Piece was fun, seems the main battle in the war is starting up, so it should be getting more and more EPIC! Bleach was interesting, we found out a few major things, and well Naruto was Naruto. All the others were also fun as usual! So on a side note i started reading Hajime no Ippo yesterday, for those of you that don't know its a boxing manga that's 800+ chapters and ongoing :O So far I do really like it has a nice blend of comedy action, etc...
Other then that I worked on my flash game some...didn't go well, there's a bug, well has existed for awhile, and I have no idea what the issue is... Kind of need to fix it before I continue working on the battle system, so who knows when that will ever be fixed... Other then that though flash has been going well the new day/night system is almost done, along with the graphics for the inside of the hospital. Ok I think that's all I have to say.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Explodding Cannons and a Santa Outfit

Yes you read it right exploding cannons. So who would make an exploding cannon? You know you would think once they found out about that slight defect they would I don't know try to repair it, but that's just my thought on that. By the way exploding cannon is from Tytania, aka space opera anime. Started watching it today so far it's quite fun, I have high hopes for it. Ok the second part of the title, have any guesses? Ok well too many shows have that what if i say Mio 4 ever, anyone? K'on that's right watched the Christmas ep today, quite fun actually very fun show, and somewhat random which makes everything fun.
Onto the usual stuff, today biochem lab sucked, got 1/3rd of it done...but hopefully next week we will have enough time to finish it, I hope... Other then that though awesome day, did you know blue dye #1 can help with spinal cord injury if injected basically right after the injury, I know its cool isn't it. That was my interesting fact of the day, besides that not much else school wise today which is always a good thing. I just want this semester to end already and school in general, but I just keep telling myself it's almost over, another month then another 4 months or so after that, then it is all over, thank god, so tired of this.
Other exciting things of today is new My Girl Chapter, and Mysterious Girlfriend X chap and extra :D + a Rosario + Vampire II chap, and Super Dreadnought girl chap too. Awesome manga day, so much fun! Also started reading Let's Lagoon, so far it seems interesting enough to keep me interested, but we'll see how that pains out. Also yesterday started Happy Negative Marriage, so far this has been extremely promising. Negative happy however is an adult, along with all the other manga this author wrote, but i started reading another one of his works which is hm how to say is unique, I'm not sure if I'm really into the other one or not, but its decent. Ok I think I talked enough so I'm going to shut up now.

~ dinoman411

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Alive or Dead?

Well as usual no update over the weekend to busy with work, Fallout 3, and Borderlands, but I'm back. Today and tomorrow will suck biochem prelab due tom. though just finished that up, and 2 yes 2 biochem labs due on Tuesday...god help me... Anyway so yes tomorrow I will have no life, but after that most of the rest of the week is easy enough, I think. Ok I would talk more, but to tired right now to care I still need to study a bit for biochem quiz tonight, so I'm done updating here.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why doesn't White Beard have a white beard?

I know that is a great question that is quite puzzling...White mustache makes scene, but not white beard. If anyone didn't get that that's about One Piece. One Piece manga chapter was once again epic this week more new developments, which is making it more "How is this arc going to end?" Bleach on the other hand was a yea... chapter, not a bad yea... necessarily, but just a yea... Some part of bleach feels like Kubo changing everyone fighting levels around, now can't say if he really did this until a few more chaps, but this chap made it feel that way. Though could also be the scanlation group, not my normal one, so I'll probably re-read it when they release it, to check and make sure they didn't just translate things differently. Other then that today was overall a good day, though now i need to do 2 biochem. labs for Tuesday :( and maybe a prelab, which I'm going to try to finish all of by tomorrow night so I can have a relaxing weekend for once. That's all I have to say, I think, cya.

~ dinoman411

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sideways 8 = ?

Another day another 24 hours. Well today was amusing, I presented in Senior Sem. 1 today, got an A, I know I'm a genius, lol. Anyway other then that got to play with a cool program in BioChem. lab, built molecules :O it was fun. Other then that not much to report today, playing Runes of Magic right now, doing nothing waiting for a boss to spawn. So boring.... Anyway tonight I'll be updating my other blog probably with my 1st review of...I don't know what yet, but if you check it out you'll find out here the link: Z A & M Reviews Hey I just noticed I'm the only one in my party that has an actual name (Kokoro, know what anime/manga that's from?, bet you probably don't, post in comments if you do though or think you do). Ok I think that's all I have to say, don't forget to check out my review blog tonight, something will be there I hope.

~ dinoman411

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Who is Bink and Should He Be Drinking Sake?

Hey everyone, didn't post anything for awhile, but kind of figured that, was playing Borderlands, Fallout 3 and Resistance most of the weekend. Anyway BioChem quiz tomorrow :( but I think I'll be ok with it, anyway anyone get the title? That's right its sort of One Piece-ish lol, anyway if you didn't knwo and you care One Piece streams weekly (Saturday 11pm EST) Here its free, its decent res and quality and it's completely legal, if you go to funmations site they also have quite a few other shows too.
Anyway so today I started readying the manga "My Girl" Guy finds out his girlfriend (who he hasnt seen in yrs - shes oevrseas for school) has died, find out that she had his child, and he takes her in. That's about it only the 1st 10 chaps are scanlated, but so far I've really enjoyed it it conveys certain feelings very well. Also started reading Usagi Drops which is similar, and good, but not quite the same as My Girl. Anyway if you like that type of story check either out both are decent.
That's about all I have to say now, so yea cya tomorrow maybe...

P.S. Oh, and if there are any manga simular to eitehr of these and they are semi scanlated let me know I would love to read them, also any manga or anime you would like an opinion on post a comment and if I've seen/read it I'll give my opinions/reviews.
Probably going to make this blog into some sort of anime/manga talk/review/info. site but who knows I'm not the best out of writing reviews because I can see good in almost everything, that and certain things like art style/look I in general don't care about.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Books Made of Stone?!

Hey, forgot to update yesterday, but oh well not like anyone reads these I think. A half hour and I get to go home finally and play Borderlands!! :D If you haven't heard of it you should check it out, it's an FPS+Diablo-ish type game supposedly. Anyway besides that I have an annoyign weekend, I have a 25 minute presentation in Bio Seminar on Tuesday, and I'm about 0.5-0.75 done with the power point so far, so I got a good bit of work left do do there. Also want to get some anime watched this weekend including The Book of Bantorra, if you haven't heard of it and like action anime check it out, so far its good, though a bit confusing. Other then that I have K'On to watch, so far I'm loving it lol, Mio 4 ever!!
Well that's about it o wait no one other major thing. Got Windows 7 Pro. for $30 due to some U.S. College Student Promotion thing, so I'm also installing that this weekend, after I back up my comp. in case something goes wrong... Anyway if your a college student in the U.S. you may qualify for this, go here for more information Click Me Windows 7 for $30 . Ok now I think that's all I have to say.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why did I take badminton?

So yea, badminton starts tomorrow :( at friken 8 am :( It sucks so much. Didn't even want to take it, but needed another gym stupid Gen. Ed courses >:O I have too much to do this week...again, god this semester sucks so much. I feel like I have no time for anything else buy Biochem. It so sucks. I need to get most of the rest of my presentation made up tomorrow and friday so I have a nice relaxing weekend, where I can play Fallout 3 and Borderlands all weekend, so can't wait. Well I should really get to working on my presentation some. I'm going to try to update this almost every day, who knows if that will happen, but I'm going to try.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Up From the Dead 30 Stories High...Godzilla...Godzilla...Or Not

Hey, yes I'm alive I finally decided to maybe try to get back into blogging though if I had followers I think that would help too, but whatever. So last year in college for me finally...thank god. Roommate this year is not drunk druggies like last year, instead he likes to talk...a lot, and I'm not much of a social person so it gets rather annoying normally. Well I'm going to try to start updating this one or more times a week, though who knows how long that will last. Anyway most of everything else is the same as last time I updated. Got my Fallout 3 GOTY edition, I'm so happy, I missed my Fallout so bad, I was getting board of Oblivion too, actually in general I didn't enjoy Oblivion as much as I expected too, not that I'm saying it was bad, just not as good as I expected/hopped. So other then that not much new, more anime and manga as always found some really fun ones, including Mysterious Girlfriend X, it's not for everyone, but it is fun if it's your type of story. Also got into One Piece much much much more then I was before, such a great anime and manga, every week I anxiously await the next chap lol, I'm such a loser. Anyway its about bedtime for me probably, so maybe I'll update more tomorrow maybe not, depends on my mood.
~ dinoman411

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Well I got [PROTOTYPE] yesterday, and so far I am enjoying it despite what people say it actually is a very entertaining game, though teh side event things aren't the best, but whatever. I also do have inFAMOUS and so we all know I think both are good games in there own ways. inFAMOUS is good, but has some glitches that annoy the hell of me (aka. Sliding/Floating ontop of the ground in some places). So I'm also starting to play Voyage Century again along with Grandio Espada, which i hope will keep me enterained I'm sort of in a boardom slump right now. I've also started working on my game more, right now I'm working on reworking the damage and selection systems so you can attack/do damage to multiple enemies, and allow for damage overtime (aka Poison), all of which are being....hell, but going better then I expected. Other then that not much else is new, same old junk different day. Work also sucks I've been working 6 days a week :(

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The FallOut of FallOut

Yes, I still exists, I really need to learn to update this more... Anyway I'll just make teh excuse that Fallout 3 took over my life for teh last 20+ days, which is partially true... Anyway so it was annonced yesterday that Fallout 3 game of teh year edition would have all teh downladable contents included with it, which means (*angry face*) it's cheaper to get that then download them seperatly, so I'm selling my copy of fallout and am going to go get that when it comes out. Yea I'll lose some money but hey can't win them all. Anyway also the fallout dlc's are comming out for the PS3 finally :D
Infamous also comes out next week which is awsome, though I'm still more anxious for prototype :p But Infamous is cool too...I hope demo is tommarow so I guess I'll know then.
Vacation is on friday for me too, which means no Infamous right when it comes out :( but hopefully vacation will be fun, going to North Carolina with the family.

Thank Sums up that,

Monday, April 27, 2009

Emerging from Hell

Yea! 1 more day and I'm out of this place for the summer! Never again do I have to put up with drunk idiots punching holes in my door, or keeping me up till 4am. Nevermore, for the end is near :p Anyway haven't posted for what feels like ages. So um lets talk about me. Two finals 1 today and 1 tomorrow then I get to go home to my nice quite house and play my PS3. I'm on challenge node in Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, which is quite challenging, but now that I'm used to the weapons it's not too bad. After thats finished up I get to start Fallout 3, and also get Valkyria Chronicles and play that. I can't wait, my goal is to finish Ratchet and Clank by this weekend or so, well see though depends how hard the skill points are. I'm actually not looking forward to fallout as much as I thought I would be, instead I'm anxious to play Valkyria Chronicles. Other then that not much else is new finished Allison and Lillia, if you never saw it you should it's a ratehr slowish paced anime that's rather belivable for the most part. Thats about it, need to finish studying for my final which is in 1.5 hrs so cya.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well I came across this totally by accident a few minutes ago, and must say its pure winsomeness :p Ubunchu! It's a free online manga about well a club that starts usign Ubuntu (a popular linux distro), in which version 9 comes out shortly! This caught my eye because at one point i used Ubuntu some and had it on one of my computers at home, but due to certain things (not ubuntu's fault), I ended up getting rid of it. Currently I do want to go back to Ubuntu on one of my home desktops, but I'm waiting for version 9 which comes out early next month i belive. Anyway you should go check ou Ubunchu manga you can find it in both japaneese and english online places might take some looking, but I found it rather quickly. Also if your interted in Ubuntu heres the site http://www.ubuntu.com/.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

PS3 for Me!

Yes, that is right I finally got my PS3 today. Though I do not have any games right now I at least have the system, next weekend though I'll be getting Fallout 3 and Ratchet and Clank Future Tools of Destruction! It's been a good week in general, I got my Mizuho (Please Teacher) figure, I won the Ringo (Air Gear) figure auction, I got a PS3, what more could one ask for oh and I got Chibi Vampire Vol 13 today too which is another huge +. lol Now if only I could find a large mining finding in Entropia tonight it would be the ultimate week! Only problem with getting teh PS3 is i go back to college today, so I don't get to play it until next weekend :( which obviously really sucks :(
Other then that nothing else new.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

You've got a Creepy Scottish Accent...dude

Ok, I hope you enjoyed that I know I did. Most of what hes done I think is a done really well and quite amusing lol. Anyway what else do I have to say hm... O yes I now have 3 anime figures in my collection :D Awsome I know, I'm so pumped that I won the auction that just ended like 30 minutes ago on ebay. That amde my week.
Ok enough of that onto more pressing matters hm...Well I finally got back into programming my game, I've been working on the story and the video sequences, along with working on reprogramming the battle system damage calcuations. Which is like 1000x harder then it sounds lol as I discovered. Other then that not much getting done, but actually soon it might be possible to have a fully functioning battle system if everything keeps going as it is, which I think it will I hope.
I think that's all my side notes for now, o wait I am still playing Entropia, but I've cut it down to 1-2hrs/night so I have time for anime, manga, and programming lol. Still Hopping to get some money in Entroipa though I do understand the chances are slim :(

Well Thats's it for this Post

Sunday, March 29, 2009

No I'm Not Dead.....Yet!

Haha, I'm back, why the lack of posts, well no reason really, just nothing to speak about I guess. Anyway, the New Prototype and Infamous videos/trailers are pure awesomeness, if you haven't looked at either you should, they both look completely awesome. Prototype is for both Xbox360 and PS3 while infamous is only PS3, if you has a PS3 you should definitely check both out, if not your out of luck on infamous, which sucks for you. There both have a similar concept, but one you have electrical powers and one you are a shape shifter, personally I like the shape shifter idea better, but both sound fun so whatever. Ok, before I spoil too much I'll shut up, but go check it out if you want you probably wouldn't regret it.
Onto more fun stuff...hm... well I guess that's all I got right now lol so cya.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Will Someone Sleep in my Bed this Weekend? That is the question.

Ok before someone freaks out at the title I shall clarify. I'm going home this weekend home home not college home, and one of my roommates is having friends to the apartment. Last time this happened I discovered (no one told me) that someone had slept in my bed, for it wasn't how I left it. Hence where the title comes from, anyway yea so that is the question. O wait there is another question... will there be another hole in my door when I get back? Just got a new door today, so if there is a hole in it when i get back I'm going to flip >:o Now why go home with all these risks one may ask, mainly because I cannot stand this place, it smells, its load, drunk idiots annoy the heck out of me, I'm sure there's more, but that's good enough.
So yea, anyway I finally got some major bugs out of the NPC driving system for my game the car now knows where it's going correctly I think, and it isn't making anymore stupid turns! O and I'm finally in double digits, well I need to go now so that's it for this post.


Monday, March 16, 2009

A Universe of Endless Possibilities or so They Say

Well, I've started playing Entropia Universe, if you don't know what that is look it up on google. Simply put it's a huge futuristic MMORPG with a real economy system aka 1 PED (in game money)=$0.10 (USD), thus you can deposit and withdraw money freely. The sent of profit is what pulled me in, that and I finally got a computer that will be able to run it just fine, so far not too exciting, but i expect that to change eventually. Been dying and sweating, yes sweating, basically suck up sweat from creatures, for the last 2 days. And right now I have 10 PED to my name, 1000 Sweat only goes for 5 PED. Now I want to put a deposit in of $10 to get 100 PED, but they don't take paypal :( so at least until the month ends I cannot put any money in. The plan is to start hunting once I have 15 PED, I can get a rifle and a good bit of ammo with that. Then hopefully I'll leave my sweat days behind and move onto something more interesting, or so that's the plan. Otherwise that's about all I have new information wise.

If you want to try Entropia Universe Search for it at google or search for Planet Calypso, same thing. It's potentially fun, and free to play with many many skills to learn, but it is a rather difficult MMORPG so be warned.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

USHIO!! *cry* cry*

Well I finally caught up in watching Clannad ~After Story~ episode 21 at this point and I have one comment USHIO!! *cry*. All I can say is she better live or I will cry my eyes out. That's all I have to say for now on a final note.
USHIO! *cry*

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tennis in the Rain?

Well obviously the PS3 didn't drop in price over break, but I still didn't get to watch much anime, my stupid computers speakers died on me, and I probably wouldn't have new ones till this week sometime. Enough about the past, back to the present. Today tennis starts for me... I like tennis, but I don't know if I'll like it as a class, guess we'll see. Other then that same old stuff different day, oh, and I got Empire: Total War...awesome game, I highly recommend it, it's an RTS, but is slower paced then most, and also has civilization type elements in it too. Tonight I should finally, I hope, finish taking out the French and move onto episode 3 in the Road to Independence campaign, but that also depends on how hooked on Xam'd I get, so far quite hooked, 12 eps in basically 1 day. Yea I know I need a life, well that's enough about that, I need to go get food now and go to tennis.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Break of Spring is but a day Away!

Yes, today is the day before spring break, meaning spring break it tomorrow!! I so cannot wait and now there's rumors of a PS3 price drop, down to $300, in the next few days, if that's the case I will be ecstatic, but also unhappy since all my plans for spring break, which mainly was watching anime and reading manga :p But heck then I finally have a PS3 so I guess I shouldn't be too unhappy. Then its Fallout 3 and Ratchet and Clank: Future Tools of Destruction all spring break...though I so will not be bringing my PS3 to college so it would be a week of joy then probably 2 weeks of sorrow, then joy again for 2 days, then sorrow for 2 weeks, hm that might destroy me in the end :p But we'll see if the PS3 actually drops or not, who knows :( Well, other then that not much else is new, same old stuff different day.

On a final note fun article for you all to read The 11 Most Unnecessary How to Guides on the Internet, now tell me that doesn't sound amusing lol.

~enjoy: dinoman411

Why would you name a person Bayonetta?

Here's the trailer of the game I found that looks fun, basically you're a powerful witch fighting angelic beings, other then that I don't know anything else, o wait yes I do, her hair also transforms into things such as giant fists that damage your enemies a lot, now that is all I know about it.

"And so, the moral of the story is: witches with guns, hair magic and cute glasses are the coolest." (Quote from IGN)

Oh, and yes those are guns on her shoes.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I really need to work on comming up with better titles....

Today was a day a very boarding day to be exact, which explains why I'm posting here again. Not much going on today same old stuff. I've just been testing the NPC driving system for my game, and the A.I. behind it, which is semi working, but still needs alot of work done to it. Voyage Century had it's update and all I can say about it is awesome, it's a nice addition though some of it I'm not high enough level to do/get involved with yet. Other then that not much else still hopping for a new zero chapter to come out, but I did get 2 new regis chapters so I'm semi-content, but a zero chapter would still make me happy. Other then that not much else today found a new PS3 game I want to get called Bayonetta, if you want to see a trailer there is a nice one over at IGN and check it out, seems like a Devil May Cry, but with a powerful Witch, who's rather good looking too boot. Thats about all I have to say, maybe tommarow I'll post maybe not.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Post, Another Day...Or Not

Posting about stuff, what stuff I don't know just stuff. Not much happened today, but I have a headache and just don't feel like doing anything, which explains why I'm posting again. I should start posting something fun. Hm what.... I could go for a cookie. Ok, I'm out of stuff to post, so I guess that's all for today, just been playing Voyage Century and chillin all day so nothing to really talk about, but did get my level 2 raiding ship finally. Ok now that's it.



Today I was board, so I figured why not try starting a blog. Good idea, bad idea, who knows, only time will tell, but either way figured maybe I'll work on getting into web 2.0 concepts. Yep, that's right blogs are a web 2.0 concept, in case you didnt know that. Well I do have a website (http://www.zaaf.tk/) visit sometime if you want it's nifty, contains a flash game I'm working on along with a few quizzes. Hm... what else, Oh I know who am I you might ask, my names Zach, I live in the U.S.A. I'm currently 22 and am in college for Biotechnology, in my Jr. year because I did a year in computer programing and web design to try it out. My hobbies include Watching Anime, Reading Manga, and collecting both, programming, web design, playing MMORPGs, and that's about it. I'm currently playing Voyage Century Online, it's a fun MMORPG with alot to do, so if you want to try it go for it, my in game name is Nishino. Who knows how often I'll update this blog depends on my boardom level, and what not.